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Danish Consumers & Water For All Bring Clean Water to Kenyans Print E-mail

Water For All has partnered with Kildevæld®, a Danish bottled water product of The Coca-Cola Company, to provide access to clean drinking water to people in Kenya via a remarkable filtration technology: the LifeStraw®.  The LifeStraw® is a lightweight, portable water filter that enables easy access to clean drinking water and helps prevent common diarrheal disease.

In addition to distributing the LifeStraws to be donated by Kildevaeld, Water For All will provide training on the proper use of the LifeStraw® and information on preventing waterborne disease. Water For All will work with schools, clinics, and community centres in Kenya to distribute the LifeStraw®.

Kildevæld, based in Denmark, is running a "3 litres" campaign through the end of 2010 to raise awareness of the world water crisis.  Each consumer purchase of Kildevæld will equate to providing 3 litres of clean drinking water to Africa, through the company’s donation of LifeStraw® personal and family filters.  Vestergaard Frandsen, creator of LifeStraw®, is also a partner in the campaign.

"Water is the world’s most precious resource, but unfortunately many people suffer because they do not have easy access to clean drinking water" said Malin Olsson, Junior Brand Manager for Coca-Cola Nordic.  "We believe that Danish consumers will be eager to support this campaign and we feel fortunate to partner with Water For All and Vestergaard Frandsen in bringing three litres of water to Africa with each purchase of Kildevæld." 

Less than half of Kenya’s rural population has sustainable access to improved drinking-water sources.  To compound the situation, parts of the country have recently been hit with an outbreak of cholera which has been described as one of the worst in a decade. Kenyans who rely on rivers and streams for drinking water are especially vulnerable to waterborne illness.

To date, Water For All has donated 2,500 LifeStraw® in Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.  Tobias Ernberg, Global Corporate Accounts Manager, Vestergaard Frandsen, noted that "Water For All consistently looks for innovative and appropriate technologies to facilitate access to clean water in Africa.  We are pleased that the LifeStraw® is one of several innovations used by Water For All."