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Water For All helps the Zimbabwe Red Cross PDF Print E-mail

Water For All donates 1500 water purifiers to assist with the cholera crisis in Zimbabwe.

A Red Cross truck loaded with vital supplies to continue the essential work of the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society (ZRCS) will arrive in Harare at 18.00 today (15 December). The truck is carrying 4 cholera kits, enough to treat 4,800 people. A further 16 cholera kits are on their way, giving the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society the ability to treat 30,000 people.

Also included on the truck are water purification sachets that can be used to make water safe for drinking. The sachets work by first coagulating any floating particles causing them to sink, and then purifying the water. A total of 552,000 water purification sachets have been sent to the operation in Zimbabwe. Each sachet treats 20 litres of water giving the Red Cross the capacity to provide over 10 million litres of safe water to those most in need. The Red Cross has been distributing water treatment chemicals to local communities since the end of October.

In addition, the truck is carrying 1,500 ‘life straws’, kindly donated to the Red Cross by a South African non-governmental organisation (NGO) called ‘Water for All’. The straws can be used to drink directly from a dirty water source as they clean the water as it passes through the straw. These straws will be used by Zimbabwe Red Cross volunteers to keep them healthy as they continue with their cholera awareness programmes, and distribution of oral re-hydration salts (ORS) and water purification tablets.

To further extend the cholera awareness programmes, the truck also carried 40,000 pamphlets on the causes of cholera, symptoms and preventative hygiene measures in both English and Shona. This information is vital to inform and empower at risk communities and contribute towards the reduction of cholera cases and deaths.

Source: Red Cross Society