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Power of Wind Provides Water PDF Print E-mail

Vuyani Junior Secondary School is in a dry, windy, desolate plain on the Eastern Cape of South Africa, near the tiny village of Bolotwa. Given that the school literally had no water source nearby and that the area offers an ample supply of wind as an energy source, Water For All decided to install a wind turbine water pump at the school.

Nomasa Hlalayethwa, a student at the school, said, "The water has changed a lot at our school. Now we have water to cook, and to drink and to wash our classrooms. That meant a lot because we are not suffering anymore."

Before Water For All assisted the school with a pump, students were asked to bring water from home or they had to walk about half a kilometer to get water from the river, sometimes during their lessons. Now, students spend more time in the classrooms and on other school activities, or tending the new vegetable garden that is thriving from the regular watering.

Installed with support from Coca-Cola South Africa, the turbine can pump an average of 600 litres per hour. Wind drives the blades of the turbine through a generator which powers a submersible pump a similar type of pump that is used for the Water For All's solar technology, the Sun Pump. The turbine stands at 12 meters tall and the system includes a 10,000 litre water tank. On their own initiative, the school maintains an additional two tanks to increase their storage capacity. The school also allows the surrounding community and two other schools -- Vuyani High School, with 600 students, and Bolotwa Senior Primary, with 800 students -- access to their new water supply.

School attendance has increased and hygiene has improved since the pump was installed in June. The school's principal, Louis Siswana, said, "Next year it looks like we are getting more learners. Many parents are impressed with all that things the school has achieved. All thanks to Water For All."