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Water For All

Located approximately 100 kilometers outside Nairobi, the Kyeleni community is home to approximately 7,000 people. For the residents the main source of water is the nearby Athi River and shallow hand dug wells.

The economic livelihood of the community depends largely on small scale farming of maize and other fruits and vegetables. Far too often the community encounters long dry spells and drought which results in serious food shortages.

With the arrival of the Fun Pump, access to clean water on a constant basis is now possible for local residents. Located between the Kyeleni Health Center and the Kyeleni Primary School, the Fun Pump is equipped with two taps which makes access quick and easy and helps avoid long lines for those wanting to collect water.

Kyeleni Clini with Fun Pump and tank stand

The Kyeleni Health Centre is run by two nurses and a lab technician and sees approximately 30 patients a day in its outpatient unit. The new water source is being used to administer medications and to clean equipment and the facility. Nurse James Nzivo says, "We used to see many cases of water borne diseases here at the clinic such as typhoid, ring worm and diarrhea. With clean water we are certain those problems will be greatly reduced."

Water from the new pump is also available to the 1200 students and 17 teachers at the Kyeleni Primary School located 400 meters from the health center. Prior to the arrival of the pump the school relied on rain water harvesting which produced water only three months of the year. Now just minutes away, a clean reliable and steady source of water can be utilized by the school and at the end of the school day children can take water home for their families.

Fun Pump


Washing handsAt the opening of the pump at Kyeleni the Area Councilor, Mr. Peter Nzoka, said, "We are grateful for this new water supply. The fact that water can be pumped by either the solar panels or the energy of children playing is remarkable. We are proud to have such a technology in our community".

Present for the opening, Water For All President Jill Rademacher remarked, "What started out as a simple water supply project has now become a major source of water for clinic patients, market goers, and school children and their families. The Kyeleni borehole has become a gathering point for the community and will benefit the entire area for years to come."