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Solar Pump for Modderspruit Community Centre Print E-mail
Water For All
The hour-long journey from Johannesburg to Modderspruit Village takes you across the high wall of Hartbeespoort Dam, a reservoir built in the early 1920s to provide irrigation to the surrounding farmlands. Over time, the canals carrying water to numerous new villages have been stretched too far and villages like Modderspruit who are at the end of the line receive little more than a trickle. 
Fetching water at Modderspruit Community Centre
Although there are standpipes in the village, the water pressure is dramatically low and does not provide adequate water for the more than 2000 households that make up the Modderspruit Village. To fill this need, Modderspruit’s 10,000 residents must look elsewhere.

Located next to the N4 toll road that connects Pretoria to Rustenberg, the residents have been running a gauntlet of fast moving traffic to reach a working borehole situated on private property across the road. While lugging their filled water containers back across the road many risked injury and death in an effort to get their daily supply of water.  The dangerous situation became so harrowing that the Bakwena Platinum Corridor Concessionaire decided to take action and provide a borehole for the village.
The natural choice for the location of the borehole was at the Modderspruit  Community Centre. Built three years ago by the local municipality, it boasts double volume halls and meeting rooms, changing facilities and showers for those playing  sports and a kitchen where meals for community gatherings can be prepared. But without running water the centre remained quiet and unused.

In the true spirit of collaboration, Bakwena approached Water For All when it came time to decide on what type of pumping solution would be best for the Centre.
Given the vast quantities of water found in the borehole, the abundant supply of sunshine in the area, and the location and leadership of the Centre, Water For All determined a solar pumping system would be the most effective option.
Water For All installed a 380-watt solar submersible pump and two 5000 litre overhead storage tanks were installed at the Centre. The Centre had an extensive plumbing system but without a source of water it was not operational. In order to get it up and running Water For All erected a 9 metre tank stand to help gravity feed water from the storage tanks to the Centre’s geyser. With the addition of the new powerful solar pump, indoor and outdoor taps are flowing and the toilets and showers are finally being used.
"The government is still trying to improve the service to this area with a new pumping station, but with not enough electricity to supply even the mines or the houses, it will take time," explains Zebulon Morake, the village’s ward councillor. "We are so happy that you have brought this village to life. Now the children can spend their time playing soccer and dancing instead of searching for water. It is a gift."