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Solar powered pumps
Solar water systems use the power of the sun to drive a submersible electric pump and are ideal for boreholes with a high yield. The pumps Water For All uses - helical rotor pumps - are among the most efficient and simple pumps in the world with only one moving part. The system can pump water all day and excess water is stored in an overhead tank. Solar pumps are low maintenance, require no manual operation, and use clean, renewable energy. Our signature pump, the Sun Pump, comes equipped with three 160 watt solar panels and is capable of producing between 8,000-30,000 litres of water a day based on the specifications of the borehole.

Read more about the difference solar pumps are making at Modderspruit Community Centre in South Africa, Magweni Clinic in Swaziland, and Sekenani Primary School in Kenya.

Water Filters
In emergency situations or in remote areas where Water For All is not able to install a pump because of technical limitations, surface water filtration systems are a viable option. The LifeStrawģ Personal, for example, is a portable water filter which can be carried for easy access to safe and clean drinking water. This water filtration system makes it possible to drink from surface water sources that would not otherwise be safe. The straw kills and removes 99.999% of waterborne bacteria and 98% of waterborne viruses.

Read more about Water For Allís unique partnerships in Zimbabwe, Kenya and South Africa.

Rain Water Harvesting
Water For All also donates rainwater harvesting systems to schools and communities with our solar pumps. A PVC gutter channels rainwater to a 2500 litre water tank positioned on a small tank stand, with a tap fitted directly to the outlet of the tank. The water is then used for irrigation, cleaning, and other grey water needs.


Pump Minders Programme
Water For All makes every effort to source pumps that are low maintenance. For example, solar pumps operate without human interaction, so they donít have the same daily wear and tear as manual pumps. Because leaky taps and other minor issues do need attention from time to time, Water For All launched the "Pump Minders" programme. The pump recipient community nominates two local residents, who help install the pump and are trained in basic repairs by Water For Allís installation team.


Public Service Messages
To help reinforce the benefits of clean water, the storage tanks on our water pumps include signs with public service messages about hand washing, sanitation, and disease prevention. The visual messages are designed for illiterate or semi-literate communities and can be customised depending on the country or region.